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Greatest Hits

Siguiendo la moda de tener secciones en los blogs, he decidido inaugurar Greatest Hits, un tributo a los escritos del pasado que no suelen ser vistos nunca más. Hoy les traigo un poema de Olavia Kite, ubicado en Ganbatte!.

N E Thang
I wish our walking distance
Were an earthworm's thousand miles.
Time has fallen like a piano
Dangling from a moving company's old rope,
But this substance in my heart
Has made me swim right through solid pain.

Do you see me smiling?
There's a monarch butterfly fluttering
At the other side of the sphere:
I am there, I am her,
Stumbling to catch the words
You spoke to yourself yesterday;
And while you sleep on your cheek
I lay secrets in your ear.
You may not know:

There's a river where I used to remember you,
At the other side of my eyes...

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